English activities at DEMS for November 2021

English activities at DEMS for November 2021

Mise à jour : 30/11/2021

Several activities were completed in November, 2021, at Ecole de guerre.

Debating :

Ecole de Guerre wishes to warmly thank Queen Mary University of London for engaging in an intense debate on corporate involvement in defence projects. The QMUL LLM attendees brought their unique expertise in international law to the conversation. This type of engagement allows for formative assessment, an opportunity for the officers to test their improvement in some key leadership skills such as public speaking, impact calculation and warrant building. This is the cornerstone to increased interoperability.



Leadership module :

These officers of the Ecole de Guerre—Army, Navy and Air Force—endured a trial of body and mind in the framework of the leadership research project delivered in English. Originally designed as a free outdoor gym for veterans, the Forest Log Gym is not only a team-building activity; it asks participants to consider the relationship between leadership and the body.

Nowhere is this relationship more important than in the Forces, where troops of every rank are responsible to stay fit; they’re tested yearly. Traditional theories of leadership have, however, ignored embodiment. Exercise in groups is popular for encouraging esprit du corps yet fitness cultures can grow toxic if the humanity of the individual soldier is forgotten. As part of this larger study of leadership, we asked the officers to participate in the Forest Log Workout in the spirit of interoperability, so they could inform and teach each other, then reflect on the experience in a written essay.

Zoom in. Three men are trying to do sit-ups with a 100kg log on their chests. As the men begin to heave upwards, the lift appears impossible. Only when they coordinate, learn to communicate, and find a rhythm specific to their team, will the log rise.

Online events :

This past month, officers had the opportunity to join online events offered by our partners :

  • A conversation with General Stanley McChrystal on his latest book, Risk: A User’s Guide, exploring how individuals and organisations can exert control over every conceivable risk they might face, RUSI.
  • Afghanistan's Future: Development, the State, and the Humanitarian Challenge, YALE.
  • Future Foreign Policy series: Reinvigorating US diplomacy, Atlantic Council.
  • Deterrence and Defense Strategy: Old Lessons and New Contexts, NSI.
  • Release of the Sectorial Analyse on the theme of sustainability with Peter Mather, Franco-British Chamber of Commerce.




What’s next ?

A debate tournament between Ecole de guerre and the high potential executives of Total Energies.


Stay tuned !