English activities at DEMS for December 2021

English activities at DEMS for December 2021

Mise à jour : 18/01/2022

Several activities were completed in December, 2021, at Ecole de guerre.

Debating :

High potential executives from the company Total Energies and officers from the Ecole de guerre Debate Team came together to discuss issues in relation to corporate national security responsibility. Why is it important to have these conversations about corporate national security responsibility? It is because many questions remain unanswered at this time. How do we mediate the differences between competing interpretations of security across the public and the private sector? Does the ever-growing concept of CSR (corporate social responsibility) take into account #national security? Is #security a duty, a right, or both?



In blended teams, they first worked on the motion “Corporate social responsibility is putting global security at risk from rogue states”. The debates were in impromptu format and each team was given 20 minutes of preparation. Framing the debate and defining the terms of the motions are the starting point. This tournament set up consisted of two qualifying rounds, then the two highest scoring teams met in the final. The final motion was “The private sector bears primary responsibility for ethical AI developments”. A key step in the debate format is the interaction with the floor during the Q&A period. After the final round, the executives from Total Energies and the officers from Ecole de guerre were interviewed on the added value of sharing their perspectives.

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Networking :

TGIF, Thank God It’s Friday! The first 2022 edition of the TGIF networking breakfast took place last month in Ecole de guerre. The networking team shared a socially distanced breakfast with members of the US embassy in Paris. The discussion topics were organized around defence and the future of alliances. Sharing views is the opportunity to understand a different environment. The debriefing with the networking coach focuses on how this new perspective operates a shift in belief patterns. The officers can compare the ideas their draw from this self-reflection phase. This is the bedrock of transformative learning. Definitely a great kick-off for the weekend and we are looking forward to the next edition if the sanitary situation permits!



Study trip :

December 2021, the officers of the Ecole de Guerre Debate Team – Army, Navy, Air Force and Gendarmerie – did their study tour in London. This was the opportunity to put into practice the skill set acquired through debating and develop further their #interoperability.

From planned open-air workshops with the French naval attaché Julien Lalanne de Saint Quentin and other speakers to debates with RUSI and the London Debate network to more improvised activities such as public speaking in Hyde Park, officers fully exercised some key #leadership skills in situ in both prepared and unplanned situations.

They also met Stephen Wilmer, Head of IP France and Deputy head of NATO desk in the Ministry of Defence who offered a rich presentation detailing the intricacies of the United Kingdom’s defence policy. An especially crucial meeting, as it allowed them to broaden their knowledge of a major ally’s way of operating National Defence, which they will assuredly interact with when leading their operations in the future.

This trip took place in an unstable and unpredictable London, due to the current state of the pandemic, sometimes leaving the group with minor time to find solutions because of cancellations. However, every situation contains its own teachings: the officers were compelled to emphasize on their personal readiness to be able to thrive in uncertainty, and de facto exercise themselves under more pressure.



Others :

As much as the James Webb telescope is ahead of its time, Ecole de Guerre endeavors to keep looking forward and upward in the instruction of the future leaders of the French Forces.

James Webb’s expedition among the stars is the occasion for us to remember the opportunity NASA offered to Promotion 23 from Ecole de Guerre, to come and reflect on the establishment of a legal frame for the research of new forms of life in Space.

Witnessing the installation of the last mirror of the 6 meters wide technological masterpiece rewarded everyone for his or her cooperation during this exercise.

Officers are - to this day - still starry-eyed thinking about the exceptional opportunity to witness technological history in the making.



What’s next ?

  • Debate competition with HEC.
  • Networking event with British Telecom.

Stay tuned !