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Mis à jour le 9 février 2019

Late January, the Ecole de Guerre Debate Team was given unique opportunities to discover American public debate during a 5-day trip to Los Angeles. This week was the first opportunity to put into practice the hard training for impromptu debates.

The results were above our expectations with incredible performances of our teams at Claremont McKenna College during a very challenging tournament. Among 12 teams, our officers placed at the 5th, 3rd and 1st places and won the best speaker prize of the tournament.
In addition to the debates, we were able to benefit from great advice from experts in communication to have a stronger impact when delivering our arguments. This is another step to be more convincing before our next debate challenges in New England next March.
From a cultural perspective, we did fill in some cultural gaps between British and American culture. Also, the cultural differences between East and West America were very noticeable.
This will be another step to help us adapt our speeches and arguments depending on where judges or opponents are coming from.

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